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The Perfect Holiday Gnome - Assorted

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The Perfect Holiday Gnome - Assorted

These are the ultimate holiday gift when it comes to versatility! First of all, they’re super soft and super adorable. We seriously need like 10 to place around our house!

These cuties sit up on their own so they’re perfect on a mantle, shelf or wherever! But you can also hang them as an ornament just by sticking a hook through their hat! So cute! But our favorite thing is for gifts! Just attach a gift card to them with a cute ribbon + BOOM the perfect gift for family, friends, teachers, co-workers etc!

Also, these adorable Gnomes can be used for MULTIPLE holidays! Use these bad boys for Valentine’s Day decor + even our Patriotic holidays! I love me some multi-purposing products and what’s cuter than a Gnome?!

12" tall
Material: Cotton

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