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Desert Bronze Self Tanner + Mitt

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Desert Bronze Self Tanner + Mitt
Desert Bronze Self Tanner + Mitt
Desert Bronze Self Tanner + Mitt

Desert Bronze Self Tanner Tanning Mousse! Welcome to the revolution in self tanning! This stuff is Ah-amazing! 


  • Streak Free, NO ORANGE, Fragrance Free
  • 100% Vegan and PETA approved product
  • Shelf life is 12 Months
  • All orders will include a free mitt for easy, smooth application!

Desert Bronze was formulated after 13 years of self tanning experience. From towelettes, lotion, sprays.. everything was tested. I found that mousse was the only way to go when it comes to self tanning. Easy application and streak free. But finding the perfect product was impossible. From orange skin to the typical self tanner smell, to those embarrassing streaks… Enough was enough.

This product spent a year in production making sure that all expectations were met. A flawless dark color after ONE application that leaves you a natural tone (NOT ORANGE). You are streak free and no awkward phase between the next application. Try it for yourself, you will not believe it!


How do I prep before my application?
Shower, exfoliate, shave, and dry skin completely. DO NOT apply any lotion or oils to skin before application if you want the area tan

How do I apply it?
Apply 1-2 pumps of foam to provided mitt. Apply to one body part at a time. (I personally start with my chest/neck, then to arms, stomach, thighs, lower legs, hands/feet, face and lastly my back) Apply in a circular motion. Apply lightly to the following areas: Face, hands, ankles, knees, and elbows

How often do I need to apply it?
One coat of Desert Bronze will last 5-7 days. If you want a very consistent dark tan with no fade time we suggest every 4 days.

When can I shower?
Please allow 6-8 hours before showering after application.

How long does it take to dry on skin?
Tan application will dry within 3-5 minutes.

Is it safe?
Desert Bronze is one of very few self tanning products that is 100% Vegan, organic and PETA approved. No harmful additives!