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Dirty Bee Body Oil Mists - Assorted

Dirty Bee

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Dirty Bee Body Oil Mists - Assorted

Give your skin the pick-me-up it needs with the alluring scents of our famous Dirty Bee scents! Spray, and rub to get a soft moisturizing glow that doesn't leave a sticky, greasy residue ever!

BOYFRIEND - Unisex blend of Woodsy and Berry Scents

COCO LIME - Margarita Smell with a Dash of Refreshing Coconut

ISLAND PINK = Tropical citrus and floral

ORANGE CITRUS - Grapefruit and orange combo scent

SUNKISSES = Warm coconut with sweet vanilla musk

TURQUOISE & LACE = Clean fresh linen mixed with the smell of Arizona Summer

WATERSLIDE = Aquatic Blossoms, Orange & Tangerine

Handmade in USA