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Dirty Bee Loofah Soaps - Assorted

Dirty Bee

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Dirty Bee Loofah Soaps - Assorted

Dirty Bee’s amazing Loofah Soaps are what you haven’t been looking for, will be so glad you found! They not only smell amazing, but offer a soft, exfoliating scrub! 

Dirty Bee uses only the VERY best, 100% American, ingredients.  When it comes to our skin, we don’t take any shortcuts to offer products that you and your entire family will enjoy for years to come! 

BOYFRIEND = Unisex blend of woodsy and berry scents

COCONUT LIME = Margarita Smell with a Dash of Refreshing Coconut

ISLAND PINK = Tropical citrus and floral

PINEAPPLE MANGO = Tropical and rich coconut and sweet juicy pineapple

TURQUOISE & LACE = Clean fresh linen mixed with the smell of Arizona Summer

MONTECITO = Blend of Freesia, Floral Notes and Citrus

BLOOM = Fresh and Clean with a strong scent of Floral