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How Do Eye Look Under Eye Patches - Assorted

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How Do Eye Look Under Eye Patches - Assorted

How Do Eye Look Under Eye Patches in proprietary formulas to target what you need! Get the look of a full nights sleep, depuff and brighten, moisturize and smooth and/or put the bounce back in your eyes in just 15 minutes!

Fresh: Nourishing and preventative hydrogel for tired, dull eyes. Infused with rich, dewy ingredients (vegan squalene, peptide and vitamin e) to promote and utterly smooth appearance!

Youthful: Plumping and lifting hydrogel for fine lines and wrinkles. Infused with collagen, retinol and vitamin c, results in a bouncer more youthful appearance!

Ready: Depuffing and brightening hydrogel for puffy, fatigued eyes. Infused with hyaluronic acid, caffeine and vitamin c to hydrate, depuff and give your eyes a vibrant look, ready to take on the day!

Rested: Restorative hydrogel for dark circles. Infused with retinol, vitamin c and caffeine to combat dark under eye circles and get the look of a full nights sleep! 


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