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Spring Country Bath Loofah Soaps - Assorted

Country Bath

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Spring Country Bath Loofah Soaps - Assorted

Our organic goats milk and glycerin base soap has a loofah inside that will exfoliate your skin and keep it baby smooth. Try our essential oil blends for added beneficial qualities. Maintain your skin's softness and bring a delicious aroma to your regimen with our amazing Loofah Soaps!

Black Ginger Bamboo-A blend of ginger and bamboo with a very exotic musk.

Pomegranate Champagne-Sparkling champagne with the fresh scent of pomegranate.

Sweet Pea- This is a soft floral with fresh violet and lily of the valley type notes.

Urban-unisex scent that is fresh and vibrant. bergamot, orange, raspberry and mahogany. With mild notes of amber, sandalwood, and vanilla cream.

Lavender Apricot- Very nice herbal lavender with bright, crisp apple, succulent pomelo, and ripe apricot.

Serendipity- Sweet, creamy vanilla with sugary sweet cherry and a hint of fresh coconut.

Strawberries and Cream-Fresh strawberries drenched with sweet cream.

Inspiration- Blends of bergamot, lemon, fennel, lavender, rose, jasmine, ylang-ylang and sandalwood.

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