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Tie Dye Towel Scrunchies

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Tie Dye Towel Scrunchies
Tie Dye Towel Scrunchies
Vibrant Colors on this NEW Tie Dye, Soft and Oversized Towel Scrunchie! 
A lighter version of our original, these will help cut down your blow drying time by tying your hair up in one of these awesome tie dye microfiber scrunchies! Ultra soft + lint-free, this hair tie gently secures wet hair while simultaneously speeding up the drying time without the use of heat. Not only does it reduce the amount of blow drying time to prevent damage to your hair, but it creates less friction with your hair causing less frizz than a standard terrycloth towel plus holds your hair more securely. Your strands will be healthy, smooth and frizz free! Great for the gym, pool, beach or fresh out of the shower!

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